FBA’s Women in the Law Conference

By: Olivera Medenica

As the incoming President of the Southern District of New York Chapter of the Federal Bar Association, I am pleased to announce that the Federal Bar Association will be holding an inaugural conference on Women in the Law in Washington DC on July 11.  As a woman, the topic is certainly of interest to me for personal reasons.  But the fact of the matter is that the gender gap, which according to statistics appears to be 33% (as in, women earn 77% of what men do), is not just an inequality that harms women alone, but rather extends to their families, leaving them short changed.  It is not only important to recognize the existence of this gender gap, but also important to have a pragmatic and even-handed discussion of why this gender gap exists, and persists, in the workplace.  The FBA’s Women in Law conference will tackle such issues with  judges, academics, and thought leaders from corporate, nonprofit, government, and law firm backgrounds.  I will attend, and I hope you have a chance to take the trip to DC as well.  You can register here.