We have represented clients all over the world, across geographic and cultural boundaries.  We understand the numerous challenges faced by businesses and individuals entering the United States market, and can create solutions that address their specific needs.  When it comes to litigation, we similarly understand the cultural and regulatory differences between judicial systems, and provide effective guidance in navigating a dispute to successful resolution.  We know that no dispute is ever truly local, and often work with foreign based counsel to determine the best course of action on a global level. 

We know how to do business in New York, and have amassed a vast network of contacts in a variety of industries.  To all of our clients, we serve as a resource to find attorneys in other practice areas, whether in New York or all throughout the United States.  We similarly serve as a resource when in need of assistance in other industries, including insurance, financial, banking, and tax.  To find out how we can help you, please contact us at omedenica@medenicalaw.com.